Leading Standard Meats

Our beef is firm, slightly moist, with a fresh red colour, and most importantly, it’s well marbled with fat. The quality of premium Dorper lamb that you’ll find at Terry Gardiner’s Meats & Smallgoods is pinkish red and firm, with little marbling and little fat, just as it should be.

You’ll only ever find cuts of pork that have more lean meat than fat and bone at our butcher shop in Port Augusta. A good cut of pork should be greyish pink, with relatively firm flesh, well marbled and covered with firm white fat. Visit us at our butcher shop to see for yourself.


Storing Our Meats At Home

All meats should be immediately refrigerated after purchased or frozen if you’re not eating it the same day. Proper storage ensures that your meats are always safe to eat, and refrigeration and freezing stops bacteria from growing and spreading.

If you plan to divide your meats up and freeze portions, try to do so as soon as you can. If you store meat in freezer bags, try to remove as much air from the bag as possible. For those of you going away on a trip, we can also vacuum pack your meats for you.


How To Purchase Our Meat

As always, we think it’s better for you to come into our butcher shop to buy your meat fresh the day you plan to cook it. Don’t forget, we offer a free delivery service to Port Augusta and Stirling North.

Weekly orders to Hawker can also be arranged, just ask us how.

You can also call, fax or email us with your order, and we will have it ready for you as and when you need it. Weekly orders to Roxby Downs need to be placed by Wednesday afternoons and are delivered by a refrigerated truck to your door for a small fee, between 10:00am and 12:00pm on Fridays.


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