Online Ordering


If you are unwell, or have travelled recently, please respect the health of our staff and their families, and take advantage of our free home delivery service for Port Augusta and Stirling North.

We would prefer at this time that any orders placed, are placed the day prior to delivery to assist us in serving you better and due to current health situations, our preferred method of payment is by card. At this stage, deliveries will still be done locally and twice daily. Please talk to our friendly staff about your delivery options. 

Thank you all for your assistance, and we appreciate your business & support.
Ashley & Staff

So You Want To Order Online...

We can give you a generalised product list of a lot of the extra products we do sell in store, but unfortunately we don’t have a price list of everything we stock as it would be quite extensive.

We are happy to let you know prices of some of our items that you may be interested in.  Also, if you keep an eye on our Facebook page (which we generally share on Roxby Downs Buy, Swap and Sell too), we quite often have new products and specials etc.

If you download our meat pack brochure that will also give you a generalised list of some of the products we stock. Our meat packs provide you with a minimum 10% discount compared to if you were going to buy the individual items.


You do not have to order a meat pack, but it gives you a general idea of some of the items that we sell. We have also included a generalised list of some of the other items we do sell in store. If you do wish to order a meat pack, and there is something in there that you do not want, you can change it for something else (whatever you like), we give you dollar value for it.

We Deliver Weekly To Roxby & Woomera!

Our orders are done by the Westside Vegie Patch here in Port Augusta, so if you are looking for a Fruit and Veg order to come with your meat, you can contact them on 8642 4096.  (These orders are delivered between 10am and 12pm Fridays to your door).

Alternatively, Lovin It Fresh now have an option on their website for their Roxby Downs customers when ordering with them, to tell them that you want a meat order with us.  Their delivery fee for your meat order is then discounted (or it is $8.00 per carton if just placing a meat order).  A meat order still needs to be placed with us though, and we need to be notified that it is to be delivered with your Lovin It Fresh order.  Their orders are collected from our store at 1pm on a Friday, and delivered Friday evenings to your door.

We believe there is an option on the Lovin It Fresh website to tick saying that you want an order with us delivered with their order.  All freight is then paid through them with their order. 

Generally, orders need to be placed by late Wednesday afternoons or early Thursday mornings by either email, phone or fax.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ordering Online

Should you wish to place an order, you can either email or call the shop on 8642 4398. 

We require a Delivery Address, contact phone number and payment method (Cash on Delivery or Credit Card).  We do not hold on to card details once payment is processed.  We do prefer card details at time of ordering (which includes card number, expiry date and CVV number). 

If ordering by email, we will also respond so that you know we have received the order, and card details can also be collected over the phone if you are not comfortable providing them by email. 

Please also advise at time of ordering if your order is to be picked up by Lovin It Fresh (and whether you also have an order with them as they will charge you according for your meat delivery with your other delivery, if not, it’s an $8 delivery fee also).

Other Items We Sell

Chicken Kiev’s (Garlic & Cheese)
Chicken Michaelangelos (Bacon, Cheese, Italian Sauce)
Chicken Cordon Bleu (Bacon & Cheese)
Chicken Florentine (Spinach, Cheese & Garlic)
Chicken Asparagus (Asparagus, Bacon, Cheese)
Chicken Leonardo (Bacon, Cheese, Chives)
Swiss Chicken (Bacon, Cheese & Mushrooms)

**** All made will butterflied Chicken Breast Fillet, Stuffed & Crumbed ****

Beef Cordon Bleu
Beef/Chicken Schnitzels/Southern Chicken Schnitzels (not GF)

**** All of these items can also be done as a gluten free option upon request ***

Chicken Strips – Kentucky, Hot & Spicy, Southern, Sweet Chilli, Seasoned, Julienne (plain crumb)
Chicken Patties
Beef Patties
Lamb Kofta (when available)
Flavoured Lamb Burgers (when available)
BBQ Sausages
Mince – Beef , Chicken (Frozen), Pork (Frozen), Lamb (Frozen), Turkey (Frozen)
Pet Mince (Beef or Chicken – Frozen), Large Dog Bones, Bags Lamb Bones
Homemade Fritz & Saveloys
Smoked Fritz / Chilli & Cheese Fritz / Vegemite & Cheese Fritz (when available) / Cheese & Chives Fritz (when available)
Corned Silverside
Marinated Steaks (BBQ (GF), Honey Soy (GF), Dianne, Mongolian, Satay, Curry)
Pepper Steak / Garlic Steak
Exotic Grill Marinated Steak (usually Fillet Steak or Scotch Fillet, sometimes Rump)
Marinated Chicken Steaks
Marinated Chicken Wings
Boned Rolled Roast Pork
Boned Rolled Legs Lamb
Legs Lamb
Black Angus Scotch Fillet (Premium Cut)
Fillet Steak
Fillet Mignon
Chicken Mignon
Pork Chops
Pork Steaks (Plain or marinated)
Chicken Breast
Lamb Loin Chops
BBQ/Forequarter Chops
Lamb Yiros / Chicken Yiros
Chicken Shazlicks (made from breast fillet) – Thai, Honey Soy (GF), Tandoori (GF), Lemon, Chinese Satay, Honey Mustard, BBQ (GF)
Flavoured Sausages – Mississippi (GF), Wild Herb & Mustard (GF), Wagyu (GF), Chicken Basil & Sundried Tomato, Hot Italian (GF), Pork (GF), Chicken & Mango
Beef Satays
Marinated Chops
Marinated Pork Spare Ribs
Pork Belly
Whole Rump, Porterhouse, Scotch Fillet, Fillet/Undercut Steak
Lamb Shanks (Frozen)
American Ribs (Frozen)
Beef Ribs (Frozen)
Whole Chickens (Frozen)
Whole Ducks, Duck Breast (Both Frozen)
Pickled Pork
Whole Spit Lambs and Suckling Pigs
Bolar Roast
Topside Roast
Sandwich Steak
Plain Beef Schnitzel

**** All of our Lamb is A Premium Local Saltbush Lamb ****
**** All of our products are also nut free, and a number of our marinades are also gluten free ****
****All steaks can also be marinated (in the flavour of your choice) and we can also cut thinner porterhouse or scotch fillet for BBQs or Steak sandwiches on request ****

We hope this gives you a general idea of some of the products we stock.